Friday, December 21, 2012

Gasification & IGCC News

Greengen - China's First IGCC 
Demo Project 'Inaugurated'
(Adapted from report released by Industrial Info Resources, China, Dec. 21, 2012)

The inauguration of the "Greengen" IGCC Demonstration Project, the first IGCC project in China, as well as the unveiling of the associated national Greengen R&D center, was held in Tianjin on December 12, 2012, according to an announcement from China Huaneng Group.

Greengen Corporation Limited, a joint venture of China Huaneng Group (Beijing) (51%), and seven other leading energy players in China each with 7% of equity in the company, are responsible for the development of the project. 

The other seven include China Datang Corporation, China Huadian Corporation, China Guodian Corporation, China Power Investment Corporation, China Shenhua Group, China National Coal Group Corporation and the State Development and Investment Corporation.

Northwest Electric Power Design Institute (Xi'an, Shaanxi), a subsidiary of Power Construction Corporation of China (PCCC), is responsible for the design and engineering of the project. Tinjian Electric Power Construction Company (Tianjin), another subsidiary of PCCC, is responsible for the construction of the project.

Greengen Corporation was established in 2005, with the objective to develop a close-to-zero-emission coal-fired power generation technology within 10 years. The project received final approval from the National Development and Reform Commission, the top planner of China, in June 2009.

Construction of the Phase I project kicked off on July 6, 2009. On October 2, 2011, the gas turbine in the project's power island ( a Siemens nominal 180MW SGT5-2000E(LC) aka V94.2K) was started under oil-fired operating conditions. 

On December 7, 2012, the Phase I project was handed over for commercial operation in full IGCC mode using a proprietary coal gasification process developed by Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute "HCERI" formerly Thermal Power Research Institute "TPRI" .

According to plans, China Huaneng will continue its R&D in Greengen and will complete a 400MW IGCC demonstration project in 2015.